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key focus
Women's General Swedish Massage, 
Pregnancy / Post-Cesarean 
Paediatric, Youth / Teens (dancers, gymnasts)
Manual Stretch Massage Session


welcome to my
home-based clinic

Low traffic

Lots of parking 

Hydraulic table 


On main floor



while some babies grow out of their dysfunctions, 

others get

really good at compensating for them as adults

Scar Release Therapy
Cesarean & After
breast surgery 

Scar tissue manipulation can aid in caesarean scar release by using targeted techniques to improve tissue mobility, reduce adhesions, and promote circulation. This can help alleviate discomfort, enhance mobility, and contribute to the overall healing process for individuals who have undergone caesarean sections.

Scar release after breast surgery can promote circulation, decrease discomfort, and contribute to the overall healing process, helping individuals regain physical comfort and emotional well-being following breast surgery. Jessica is experienced in working with post-mastectomy (and other) surgical scars.

Registered Massage Therapist
Osteopathy (Coming 2024)

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why suffer from

common conditions treated

lower back pain
menstrual pain
pregnancy aches
constipation // diarrhea
post-surgical scar (breast, cesarean)
headaches, migraines
jaw pain > TMJ
poor breathing

Tiny Feet

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