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Osteopathic techniques for your legs, knees,and feet 

Lay down, kick up your feet and let it go as I work my way through the tension, fluids, and joints in your legs with a student osteopathic technique session.


Your legs into your feet have an essential role in keeping us upright, balanced, and well circulated. Having a solid foundation with the ability to adapt to different forces and surfaces is fundamental.


During a lower limb focused student session I will look at your joints (osteoarticular), movement of fluids, neurovascular conduction and muscular imbalance including any compensation patterns, etc. The session most likely will consist of testing, treating, and integrating the lower limbs into the pelvis and possible into the cranium.


There are so many reasons to treat
the lower thighs into the feet

and here are a few of them:


- boost immunity

- remove strains

- joint mobility

- fascial release

- improve circulation

- improve gait/locomotion

- help prevent deformities


Osteopathic Relationships considered with this session

Thighs: lateral fascia lines, hips with the temporal bones

Knees: embryological connection with kidneys (somites), IR temporal bones lesions manifest as knee pain.

Lower Legs: Fibula emotional bone, related to the clavicle, forearms (interosseous membranes), lateral fascial line (temporal). There is lots of vascular and movement that should to occur there and the tibia and fibula must be free.

Feet: Circulatory system, lymphatic system, all forces going up and down, balance (proprioception), spine, and all bones for that matter. ETC...


If you are interested in treatment, please contact me.

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